Write For Us – Health, Home Decor, and Tech Guest Post Opportunities!

Coupon Follow is always willing to add new talents on our team. If you are good with words and know how to conjure some words to form a beautiful piece of work and want to write for us, then we are more than happy to help you join our team. 

We, at Coupon Follow, encourage you to join our team as a writer and try to give your best output through words. The only thing you will be required to provide for Coupon Follow is a unique, captivating and engaging article that will keep bringing back the readers on our site. 

It is our firm belief that everyone has unique abilities and it is the uniqueness of every individual in our team that makes us diverse. A writing team of people with different mindset can serve in a better way and provide a huge spectrum of knowledge for the readers. 

What We Are Looking For? 

We are looking for a writer that can help us grow as a blog site by providing unique and well-researched blog posts. From our writers, we are looking forward to an article that is strictly followed by our guidelines. 

Here are some write for us guest post guidelines that you can follow to make your articles published on our website: 

  • The article that you write for our site should be 100% original without any plagiarism 
  • The article should be a minimum of 750 words that can reach up to 1500 words depending on the subject complexity 
  • Don’t forget to add links to the researched content  
  • Make the use of Passive as less as possible 
  • The correct usage of Keywords is very important 
  • The density of the keyword throughout the article should be uniformed 
  • Make sure that the tone you choose for the article is easy to understand  
  • Shorter sentences are preferred more than longer sentences  
  • Try to be creative with your content 
  • Carry out extensive research before writing the content  
  • Perfect sentence structure and no grammatical errors is a must for the articles 
  • Choose a current topic that is trending and the readers will find interesting  

What We Publish? 

The blog site Coupon Follow is indulged in publishing a diverse range of topics that attract a large number of readers from different types of interests. Our blog site is determined to provide well-researched and edited articles that will help our voice reach our readers easily. 

The topics that we cover on Coupon Follow are: 

  • Business  
  • Politics  
  • National  
  • Culture  
  • Lifestyle  
  • Sports  
  • Latest News  
  • Entertainment  
  • Food  
  • Travel 

To apply as a writer on our site, you can choose any of the topics mentioned above to create your article, but make sure to strictly follow the guidelines in order to get your article approved by our editors. 

How To Submit Your Articles? 

If you are willing to write for our site, you can submit your article via email. You can directly send an email to our editor with your article. Make sure to add basic details about yourself in the submission email. We don’t want to hear about any irrelevant information about your previous bad experiences. Make your proposal prompt and to the point. 

After you have submitted your article, an editor at Coupon Follow will take time to review it. If your article is approved by the editor, you will be hearing from us within a week’s time, if not, then it is probable that your article is rejected for some valid reason. 

Before submitting any articles, make sure that you are following all the points according to our guidelines to ensure that your article is approved on our site. 

Contact Us 

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